Gluttony Is The Best They Can Do?

I got an email from a local radio station listing upcoming concerts and events, and as I was surfing the links, I got to something called "Springfest" at UVA. I wound up at a calendar and saw all the scheduled events for that day, which inspired me to look at the University Programs Council website. I don't recall that group being around when I was in school. Although their concert subcommittee is called PKG Concerts, which I presume is the new name for PK German, which was the group that scheduled concerts back in the day.

One of the subcommittees of this group arranges comedy events, but here is their schedule. All they've got are two eating challenges. Watching teams eat ice cream, and individuals eat gusburgers is their comedy lineup.

I know I am not their target demographic, but I'm nevertheless disappointed by the lame-ness of this. Not that I have a problem with the eating contests at springfest (whatever that is), but that they are included as "comedy". I think that watching people chow down a sick volume of ice cream or gusburgers is more of a novelty than comedy.

Ah, well. Either way, it makes me nostalgic for gusburgers. I haven't had one in years, since Terry hates them. I think I may not have had one since before we were married. But man, they hit the spot at 2am after the bars closed, giving one just enough energy for the long walk home. Or short walk my fourth year-- I was lucky enough to live just a block from the corner, it was awesome. I wonder if any other of my UVA grad friends around here want to make a gustatory trip down memory lane. . . Nah, gusburgers lose their appeal when one is sober, and since Terry would absolutely not approve and would refuse to even go to the White Spot, I wouldn't have a driver. I've got one friend who lives within walking distance of the place, but I'm just too old for crashing at a friend's house. Actually, I think it's more that I'm too much of a mom now to stagger drunk to a friend's house after a fun night out, it's not about my age, it's about wanting to be home with my husband and baby at night.