Dress Form Step 2 Complete

I figure the first step to finishing the dress form is planning how to do it, and that was finished soon after I returned from New York. I finished the second step tonight.

I decided to make the form out of muslin, but to do that I'd need a pattern to fit my body. The two ways to get custom patterns are by math and by draping, and I chose draping.

Terry wrapped me in furniture cling wrap, then drew in various lines with a magic marker. Then he put packing tape over the lines, and cut the plastic off me at the side seams.

I put the plastic-wrap halves over my dress form, and drew in princess seams myself, then reinforced those with packing tape. That is the end of step two.

I figure the next steps will be:

3) Create a pattern from the plastic-wrap. I'll have to cut along the princess seams, then put the plastic pieces over paper and trace them to make the pattern.
4) True-up the pattern; make sure both sides are symmetrical, and check measurements to my body measurements.
5) Use the pattern to cut pieces of muslin.
6) Sew the muslin pieces together.
7) Put the muslin cover over the dress form, then stuff it.

I don't really know when I'm going to finish this project. The neurofeedback takes a lot of time, and I'm still catching up on the laundry. But since I went through a lot of clothes today that were in storage, I now have quite a few garments in the "to be restyled" pile. I won't necessarily restyle them for myself, there are a few things I think the fabric would make a cute outfit for W, but if I had a dress form the correct size and shape at least I would have the option of restyling things for myself. Of course I could do it without a dress form, theoretically, but trying things on, marking them for adjustments while I'm wearing them, making changes, trying the thing on again, etc. just isn't anything I'm actually going to do. It would take waaaay too much time per garment, so I wouldn't bother. But with an accurate dress form, I think things will go much faster, and I'll be willing to give it a try.