Dress Form Progress

I cut out pieces of my plastic-wrap form this morning before baby club, and then made the paper patterns this evening after W went to bed. I didn't wait long to cut out some pieces from muslin-- I decided to do the front first.

I marked the pattern on the fabric with running stitches for each piece since I'm leaving very large seam allowances. I have no idea how accurate this technique will be, so I'm leaving plenty of room for corrections.

I have the four pieces of the front of the dress form cover sewn together, and at first glance, it seems to be a pretty good match. I just held the muslin up against me, and it seemed to follow my body contours, but I'll know more once I get the back sewn on. I think I'll just leave the back seam unattached, then have T pull it closed over me so I can check the fit and make any necessary adjustments before I sew it up permanently. It's all just basted for now.

Photos another day, I'm extra-tired tonight, I don't know why.