Neurofeedback Rocks

I haven't been to neurofeedback since Friday afternoon, but this weekend I've been feeling great. I've been on a lower dose of antidepressants for a while now, and each previous weekend I've noticed the extra day between neurofeedback sessions, and usually have felt blue sometime over the weekend between my Friday and Monday sessions.

But so far this weekend I've felt great the whole time. Now, I don't have a session set up for Monday this week; a scheduling quirk has me going Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. But if I still feel great on Sunday night, then this bodes well for the efficacy of the treatment. I haven't really made an effort to "do" alpha on my own at all so far this weekend, yet I still am in a totally buoyant mood. If I can skip Monday and STILL feel good until my appointment on Tuesday, then I will positively believe I am on my way to a permanent cure to all that ails my brainwaves.

I took a reduction to my meds a little bit early for convenience; I started the dose I should have started yesterday about a week and a half ago. But I'll remain on this same dose through the month of May. If I continue to feel good, I'll reduce the dose further for June, and if it still keeps working, I'll be 100% off all meds by July 1st.

@#$@#$@ doctors, not putting me on this totally experimental yet effective protocol earlier. It is such a difficult thing to figure out, whether you're better off going to an older doctor with more practical experience, or a younger doctor who is up-to-date with all the cutting-edge procedures.