Still Feeling Good

When I was at ballet class tonight, I realized that I've been in a consistently good mood for a while now. I credit neurofeedback. This morning, I agreed to have one of T's friends over for dinner since Cate is still with us, and we didn't have much time to catch up at the party Saturday night.

And this despite the fact that I had a ballet class from 6-7pm, and neither C nor S has kids, so T and I would have to put W to bed in the midst of the dinner party. No problem.

It really wasn't a problem, except that my legs got tired. I cooked breakfast and lunch for us all here, and then even made homemade rum-raisin ice cream for a snack. With homemade ice cream cones. The cones tasted delicious, but they were leaky, despite following the instructions to seal the bottoms up, it didn't work. Next time I'll try making little bowls by fitting the cones into muffin tins to set.

But by 5pm I was tired, and ordinarily would have rested before heading to ballet at 5:45pm. Except I didn't rest, since I didn't trust Terry to be an adequate host in my absence. As it was, I was grateful that he consented to starting W's bedtime routine at 6:30pm (instead of 7:40pm like he waited for last night) so W would be pretty much ready to nurse and go directly to sleep when I got home at 7:30pm. So I spent the last hour before ballet making salad for dinner, and some appetizers for our guests in case they got hungry before we would actually eat at 8pm.

While I was at ballet, I even forgot at one point that I was sort of hosting a small dinner party at the time, I was just enjoying dancing. We learned some new moves, which I found difficult, but like usual I just do my best and muddle through. It's always fun. I think if it weren't for the neurofeedback, I would have been preoccupied the whole time with thinking about how to pull off dinner once I got home. But I had formulated a plan before I left the house, and I really didn't worry about it after that.

And you know what? My plan worked. I got home just before 7:30pm, and started to preheat the oven. C and S had poured themselves some wine, and were hanging out. T was upstairs with W, as promised. When I showed up, T went down to entertain our guests, and I nursed W. Having been appropriately wound-down by T tonight, he ate then fell asleep by 7:40pm. So far, so good.

I had made the pizza dough before I left for class, so it was fully risen and I started the pizzas once I got downstairs. I had prepared toppings earlier in the day, so it wasn't hard for me to make little pizzas and pop them in the oven for dinner. This has proven one of my favorite dinners for guests-- a new mini-pizza comes out of the oven about every 6 minutes, and I make each one different. I don't have to spend a lot of time away from the guests, once the next pizza is in the oven, I return to the conversation until the buzzer rings. And since I make different toppings all the time, T and I never have to get tired of eating the same pizzas no matter how often we do this. Since I rarely have the same set of topping ingredients in the house from day to day, we rarely have the same pizza more than a few times. And even if I make one of my standbys (I make a 4-cheese, 4-herb pizza over and over), because I make mini pizzas, there's never more than a few bites of each flavor for anyone. Altogether I think it's a good system.

So we had a nice time, and I even had leftover ice cream and cones from this afternoon, so we had a homemade dessert as well. And I'll have friends over for dinner Thursday night, and for them I'll make my homemade pasta. Knowing how to make pasta and pizza has really paid off for me. It's not difficult, but few enough people bother that it's a novelty for guests. Plus it tastes good, which is most important.

But what I am most excited about, is this newfound ease I have. It is unusual for me to have a lot going on and NOT feel stressed out or slightly depressed about something. But I've been nothing but cheerful since Saturday. Yay!!!