So far, Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain: How a New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential to Transform Ourselves by Sharon Begley is the best book I've read about the brain. It describes various experiments on neuroplasticity and the general function of the brain and brainwaves, and the results of the experiments. Remember how we've all been told that once brain cells die, they don't regenerate? That's wrong. They totally DO regenerate, even in people in their 80s.

And although many brain inefficiencies such as depression, ADD, anxiety, OCD, etc. are largely influenced by genetics (certain people are born predisposed to these afflictions), people do NOT have to live out their lives bound by these things, or beholden to medication to mitigate the symptoms. Their brains can be RETRAINED to function normally. This is an amazing message, and generally counter to what most medical doctors promote. Because most medical doctors went to school before all this was known, and they've not kept up with the science.

Not that an inefficient brain can be changed quickly or easily-- they compare it to an athlete. If someone wants to get really good at a sport, they're not going to get there practicing only 45 minutes once a week. So it is with brain conditioning. You're not going to undo a lifetime to ingrained patterns by going to therapy once a week (or it will take a very long time to see the change at this rate, in any event). But if you practice daily, and really make an effort, over time you will see results.

I recommend this book to everyone, not just people who have diagnosed mental issues. Because the book also discusses ways that even highly-functioning people can improve their minds to ever more optimal conditions. This is all really fascinating, and the book is well-written, easy to read, and without jargon.