Insomnia-Induced Productivity

Last night, W woke several times, the last being around 4:30am. He fell right back to sleep each time, but after the last interruption, I couldn't. I lay in bed until 5:15am, then gave up. Instead, I crept downstairs and found some latex enamel to use to paint the extended side of the dining room table.

The table is a kind without leaves, instead it's two squares hinged in the middle. When they are folded on top of each other, the table is small. In that configuration, the tabletop is painted gold. But when I first finished the table, I could see that I didn't have enough gold paint to finish the large side when the table is unfolded and twice as big as the first side. So I just left that side in primer until I figured out what I wanted to do. And for the past many years, what I decided to do was use a tablecloth when I needed a large table.

But now, I need a large table yet cannot use a tablecloth. Because tomorrow night there will be a baby and a toddler dining with the adults, and either one could yank the tablecloth hard enough to ruin dinner.

So I took 30 minutes, and painted the tabletop. I tried to go back to sleep after that, but still couldn't, but when it was time for breakfast I put the 2nd coat on the table. It looks much better.

But I don't want to leave it white, since most of my serving dishes are white, there won't be much contrast when I serve dinner. So I got a few other colors at the paint store on the way home from baby club this morning. I need some time to think about what design I want to paint on the table, so I won't attempt anything before our friends come over tomorrow night. But I think I will try to get it done this month. Since the colors I got are not enamel, I got some clear poly-something-or-other to paint over the whole thing when I'm done. The lady at the paint store said I should put three clear coats over my pain, sanding it between each coat, and that should be hardy enough for a tabletop.