William Walks!

It didn't happen like every mother imagines it will (you know, the baby tottering from one parent to another, in the yard on a beautiful day with birds chirping in the background), but I got to see William take his first steps!

We were in the upstairs bathroom. I've thought better about putting more details on the internet. But the bottom line is that W was standing up holding onto the door frame. Then he wanted to take a closer look at the water through the shower door. So he moved his right foot, then left, then right, and in a very controlled way walked over to the shower door. I was speechless. Amazed. I didn't expect he'd walk until he was 14 mos old. Yet here he is, a walking baby, not even 13 months old.

Waaaah. He's not a walking baby. Babies don't walk. He's a toddler now. A toddler!

Terry watched him later in the afternoon while I cooked dinner, and apparently W took many, many more steps. I saw some of those steps later. He's still not much of a walker, but he can definitely string a few steps together.

So, big day!