Neurofeedback Keeping Me In The Kitchen

I've been enjoying cooking more and more lately. In previous years, I really wasn't that interested, but did it so that I could eat. But since I started making my own pasta in February of this year, I've started enjoying myself more and more. I think part of it is due to the neurofeedback. Since we started adding in suggestions/affirmations to the alpha training, I've noticed a change. Once I've got good alpha waves going after listening to a guided meditation, J talks me through some images per my own request. The short explanation is that I imagine myself very much like June Cleaver; I'm dressed well, at a perfect weight, and cooking and cleaning and taking care of my family all while staying perfectly well-groomed and with a smile on my face. The actual instructions J gives me are less specific, but I pretty much use the time to imagine myself in that exact role.

I haven't started to vacuum in high heels while wearing pearls, but there is a practical reason for that-- I have gained so much weight that my pearls barely fit around my neck, and my feet are too fat for most of my heels. But since I am working on "thinking myself thin", this shouldn't be a problem forever. I'll be wearing frilly floral aprons and prancing around the house in heels in no time. I'm already smiling while I cook, and cooking totally extraneous things (like home-made ice cream cones) just for fun.

I go back for another alpha treatment tomorrow, I may have to spend more time imagining myself doing laundry, I still haven't fully caught up with that since I'm spending so much time in the kitchen. . .