I Finished The Dress Form

Last Friday, I finally finished the dress form. I was astonished how well it matched my shape on the first try. After stuffing and measuring all over, I decided to just go ahead and stitch the seam allowances down rather than re-sewing all the seams. The pieces are just basted together, but they seem to be holding up fine as they are, so I decided to leave well enough alone. Perhaps I'll make a sturdier form when I reach my goal weight (hopefully later this year). But for now, this is it.

If you look closely, you'll see that I stitched the outline of my bra on the form. It is a pet peeve when sleeveless tops and dresses expose the bra strap. So when I alter or sew my own clothes, I'll be sure that won't happen, since I will see at a glance where the strap falls when I first design the new outfit. I do not have the patience to use those little strings inside dress shoulders that hold the bra strap under the clothes unless it is a special occasion. It is much better in my opinion to get clothes that have proper coverage by design.