Working On First Draped Outfit

I made some progress on my first attempt at draping an outfit made of old T-shirts. A few days ago, I decided to start with a red polo shirt that is too small. But the color is flattering, as is the shape of the collar. So I slit the shirt up the front and cut off the sleeves. After I got it on the dress form, I could see the fabric pulling strangely in the area between the shoulders and point of bust. So I cut a slit where a high dart might have gone to fix that problem.

Tonight, I chose a black T-shirt to use for the contrast. I'm filling in the front of the garment with black knit fabric (there is about 6" between the two halves of the original T-shirt now that it has been split). I've got pintucks pinned in place, but I haven't decided what I'm actually going to do.

Now that it's coming together (you'll have to wait for more photos), I'm eager to start making clothes. I'm not even sure if this "re-styling" I'm doing even qualifies as making clothes; it's more about re-using them. Either way, it's nice to practice on material whose owner doesn't remember why she got all the weird stuff when she was at the gym.