Knitting Fast

I wanted to knit a baby gift for a shower next weekend, so I decided NOT to wait until I finished knitting my socks to start the project. But as it turns out, perhaps I could have waited-- I was able to knit two items this evening after W went to bed. These little things are going so much faster than the socks, I'm kind of psyched to knit some more. I may pick up some more yarn tomorrow when I'm in town, and perhaps try some variations. I'm thinking maybe I'll try something where I combine a wool with a synthetic then felt the wool, and the synthetic will then stand out a bit. As fast as these little things are going, I may have time to experiment. At the very least, at least I now have something to give as a gift, even if I have no more time to knit between now and next weekend.

I'll try to remember to take photos before I wrap them up and give them away, but I won't post them until after the party, lest I spoil the surprise for the mother-to-be.