Tivo Setup Is Loooong

I've been setting up this Tivo since around 7:30pm, and have yet to even see what the guide looks like. Fortunately, the length of the setup time is not due to complexity, but the machine is downloading some sort of interminable service update.

It was actually really easy to set up once I decided what to do about the HDMI dilemma. See, we got our projector a few years ago, and it has only one HDMI input. But the PS3 is currently plugged into that since its only output is HDMI and we don't have a choice. We have the HD receiver connected using some computer RGB HD cable, and the DVD player using the component inputs. So there was nothing left for the Tivo to plug into, except for the analog inputs (red/white/yellow), and that wouldn't carry HD signals.

So I decided to just unplug the HDMI from the PS3 and stick it in the Tivo. If I want to play videogames or watch Blu-ray, I'll just yank it from the Tivo and stick it back in the PS3. At least until my HDMI switcher arrives, I just ordered one for $15 and it should be here next week. Problem solved.

I found the "wireless ethernet bridge" we used to use for the Audrey (the kitchen internet-thing). I thought there might be some sort of complicated set-up required (I recall having to do a lot of tweaking to get the Audrey to work right), but there was NO setup needed. I plugged it in to the power, saw the green light go on to indicate that it was getting a wifi signal, rummaged around T's closet until I found what appeared to be an ethernet cable, then plugged one end into the gizmo and the other into the Tivo. I also moved the antenna and digital video line from the HD receiver to the Tivo, the lastly, plugged in the Tivo.

And the whole setup instantly worked. Well, not instantly. I was staring at a blank screen for a minute or two, but while I was still reading the page about what to do in that case, a little Tivo icon popped up on the screen and reassured me that everything was connected and setup was proceeding.

I had to click through several setup pages, setting the video resolution, checking to make sure the audio cables were strung properly, etc., and the Tivo automatically scanned all the antenna channels we receive (it seemed to be accurate, but I haven't seen any TV through the Tivo yet, just the channel list during setup).

But this service update is taking forever! It does say right on the screen, "This could take up to an hour, or even longer." OH! A Tivo cartoon started automatically! I'm going to watch it! I guess setup is done, 1.5 hours later!