Terry's Debut at the Farmers' Market

Terry made his debut at the Crozet Farmers' Market this morning! I think he did actually make it out there by 8am, although I'm not sure because I was still lying around in bed with W, and not really paying attention to the time. But I did notice that T was up and abuzz with activity in the morning, which is highly unusual for him. He usually doesn't get up until I'm ready to make breakfast around 8:30am.

This morning at 8:30am, I was downstairs just about to make breakfast when I got a phone call. I figured it had to be T, so I picked up. He went to the farmer's market to sell his salad greens, and he had the table and chairs and stuff, . . .but no salad greens. I will remind him of this every time he gets mad at me for forgetting something in the future. . .

So I quickly got myself and W dressed, put the cooler of greens in the car and headed over to the farmer's market. T did have his tomato seedlings out on the table to sell, but he hadn't noticed that his flats were not perferated, so he couldn't actually sell the seedlings until I arrived with scissors.

By coincidence, he had set up next to one of our neighbors who lives on Rt 680, so we had a nice chat with her and her kids while we waited for customers. W is comfortable with them since the oldest daughter, M, babysits for us, and she was there helping her mother sell daylilies.

After I gave T his supplies, I sat in the back of the pickup truck and fed W some baby sauce for breakfast. Then when we were sitting at T's table, some 5th graders who were having a bake sale came by, and said they'd deliver to us so we wouldn't have to leave the table. $2 got us two coffees and two brownies, which was a good deal to us. Now, that did reduce T's day to break-even, since a single customer bought both bags of his arugula for $1 each. But T went on to sell three tomato seedlings at $1 each, so he wound up $3 on the day. But we get to claim $5 farming income so far on our 2010 taxes. Which is not much, but enough that we can fill out our Schedule F and claim a few thousand dollars of equipment expense. Fortunately, the IRS doesn't require businesses to actually make money to be able to deduct expenses. We can even deduct the $1 T spent on his own coffee and brownie while manning the table. . .

I took a few photos-- if you think T is making some dumb faces here, you should see the photos I didn't post online. Here's the slideshow with what photos are at least halfway reasonable to show the public.