W's Buzz Cut

W isn't a big fan of haircuts, yet his hair is growing ridiculously fast. I decided to try cutting his hair with Terry's hair trimmer instead of scissors. I thought maybe it would be easier.

Eh, not so much. At least not at first. Here's a photo of W after my first attempt at shaving his hair. Even with T helping, W kept yelling and shaking his head, resulting in a massively uneven cut. It looks like he got his haircut in a knife fight.

It might not look that bad in the photo above, but trust me, it was bad. I didn't really want to take the boy out in public looking like that, so I decided to give it another try.

After the debacle yesterday, I made a point to run my fingernails over his head while making a "buzzzzz" sound thoughout the day yesterday. I had run the razor over my own head (with it off, of course) to determine if there was something in particular W might have objected to. The guide teeth felt like fingernails going across your scalp, so I thought maybe if I acclimated W to this feeling, he wouldn't freak out so much. So all day, I went "bzzzzz, bzzzzz" over his scalp.

It paid off. This morning before church, I sat W in the sink, and tried again. This time I decided to not bother trying to get all fancy and use different length guides for the top and sides; I'd just pick one length and give him a buzz cut. It was probably necessary anyway, given the uneven disaster leftover from yesterday. To my complete surprise, W sat still for the entire haircut!!!

I did try my best to be very gentle, and to graze the guide over his scalp as softly as possible. This was only possible since he kept his head reasonably still for me. Such a change from yesterday. And he didn't yell at all, he was very calm. So I was able to finish the haircut quickly.

I consider this a huge success. I think this haircut makes him look unnecessarily old, so next time I'll try using one of the longer guides and see how it turns out. It'll be completely grown out in a few weeks, so I won't have to wait that long. In the meantime, I will continue to do the pretend razor on his head. It's totally fun to do now, since I love to touch a man's freshly-shorn hair, it feels like velvet.

Isn't he handsome? By the way, his 5th tooth cut through yesterday; it's the next one over on the top left.