Whoops, It's Not Saturday Night?!?!

Man, Tivo's got me carried away already. I was feeling lousy today since it's that time of the month, and I've been incapacitated by muscle ache for two days. It's better than the cramps I used to suffer, but it's still miserable. It feels like the full-body muscle ache you get with the flu, like you've been hit by a truck.

So this evening, after W went to sleep, I decided to have a drink to feel better. It really does help to distract me from the pain. And I watched House. On Tivo, while it was recording. I started watching 10 minutes after the show began, but that was barely enough time for me to skip all the commercials. I wound up finishing about the same time I would have if I had watched it live. Interesting. So far, it still felt like a Monday night. Since I watch House on Mondays.

Then I watched some Fox show about landscaping I had never seen before. It was pretty good, so I signed up for a "season pass". I hadn't considered edging my flower beds with concrete, but they made it look easy, and it might be less expensive than using stone or brick. The entire episode was basically a long commercial for quick-crete and john deere, but it did de-mystify the use of concrete in landscaping applications.

T still isn't done with his music (he asked me not to watch SNL until he came in to join me tonight), so I started to watch the Wanda Sykes show. I've never seen that one before, either, but now that I have Tivo, I figured I'd check it out at my leisure. But while I paused her show to go down and get another beer, I thought, "damn, it's not a Saturday night, is it?"

I would usually have several drinks on Saturday nights, to give me energy and motivation to stay up for SNL if T and I were watching that week. Weeknights I'll have one drink at 8 or 9, and that's usually that. But if Tivo tricks me into thinking it's the weekend all the time, that's not great. I can't say it's problematic, since T and I are in the luxurious situation of not having to distinguish weekdays from weekends, generally. We do what we want when we want (actually, T's "job" now requires him to be up really early on Saturday mornings, so we're backwards from most at any rate). But I'm still withholding judgment on the Tivo-- we'll see if I'm still disoriented after the novelty wears off. I predict I'll get used to some new rhythm, where I don't use the evening's TV shows to remember which day of the week it is. Which is what I do now. I may have to go back to my trading mantras (turnaround-Tuesday, etc.).

But now, I'm done with my little break, and I'll see what the Wanda Sykes show is all about. So far, it seems geared toward a black audience. . .