I watched the Wanda Sykes show for the first time tonight. Not only was it Tivo'd from last weekend, it was a repeat from back when the Olympics were on.

She starts with a monologue, which was to me as funny as most late-night monologues. Then she moves on to a celebrity panel. It seemed a bit awkward at times, but still generally pretty funny. I liked that everyone had a drink. That has been missing from TV for some years now, since everyone went all PC. I think W. S. really hit on something here, that perhaps comedians and actors and stuff would loosen up and be a little more interesting on camera after a drink or two. Do ya think? It seems that so many of the interviews on the other late-night shows are just phoned-in, they are dull, dull, dull. Except for Colin Ferguson, but I suspect that is mostly because his guests are not regulars on the circuit, being on a talk show is a novelty and they are not so on guard, or jaded, or bored, or whatever is the problem with the ones who have been on a bajillion talk shows and are obviously tired of it and just fulfilling their contract.

Let's see, after the panel she talks to some guy, then showed a skit. So far the most surprising thing I've learned tonight is how big her rack is. I'm really curious about what brand of bra she wears, it's totally a feat of engineering, check this out:

Now she's interviewing a single celebrity. At least, I presume he's a celebrity, but I haven't heard of him.

And that's the show. It's not as polished as the late-night shows that have been around for a billion years, but she at least has a different formula, which is something, since most of the others are exactly the same. Monologue, sketches, guest, guest, band. So Wanda's Monologue, Panel, Banter, Sketches, Guest at least is a break from the late-night monopoly. Not to mention, she's not a multi-millionaire middle-aged white guy. That's different, too.