Window Guards Ordered

We've fallen behind our goal of moving W into his own room once he turned one year old. Here he is, over 13 months old, and his nursery isn't even close to being baby-proofed. But I'm taking action; I ordered two window guards this evening.

Both T and I prefer fresh air to conditioned air, and the microclimate and insulation of our house allow us to be comfortable most of the summer without using air conditioning. But in order for our natural cooling method to work, we must have the windows open overnight.

This hasn't been a problem for us with W in our bedroom, since we know as soon as he wakes up, and can monitor him (um, pull him up into our big bed and cajole him back to sleep, usually), so he won't be pushing furniture around to climb up and fall out the open windows. But if he's on his own in the nursery, he could totally push a box or something over to climb up to the open window and fall out. So we definitely need window guards if he's going to be in a room by himself.

I found some mesh window guards, they say they are as strong as the metal bars, and have been certified by some safety agency, so I'll give them a try. They'll keep a kid from falling out up until age 5, and they've got a quick-release that can be opened by an adult in case of emergency.

Once I get those installed, the next order of business will be to replace the corded blinds with some sort of cordless window covering, I'll probably just go with roller shades. Then I'll probably attach a cleat to the dresser to keep that up. Currently there are two dressers in the nursery, but I don't want to attach both to the walls. I might move one into the master bedroom, it matches, although I'm not exactly sure where it will fit. I might just sell it, but I'm not sure where I'll put all the extra bedding that's currently in there. I'll have to think about that.

I'll also move the vertical bookshelf-thing back into the master bedroom-- they are supposed to flank the entryway in that room, but we've had them separated with the bottom shelves disassembled to keep W from climbing up them. With his own room, he won't have to play in our room so much, so we can go back to adult conveniences there. In its place, I'll make a low canvas & rod bookshelf-thing. My sister has one she purchased, but it looks like it will be easy enough to make it from scratch, and it would need to be a custom size to fit properly in that room, anyway.

I might also find a wall-mounted lamp so we don't have to worry about W pulling a floor lamp down, or pulling one down off the nightstand. Actually, me might temporarily relocate the antique nightstand, come to think of it. . .

Ugh, there is still a lot to do before we can move him into his own room. But on the plus side, I guess once it is done, there is no more work needed for several years. I totally need to get him transitioned over there this summer, before he starts getting an attitude. I hear that can happen as early as 18 months. . .