Darn Abscess

I was informed by my dentist (actually by his hygienist) that I have an abscess in my tooth, and must have a root canal to fix the problem.

I have never had a root canal before, but T's have been just awful for him. But the way the dentist explained how it would work for me didn't seem so bad. He said my tooth was like an ice cream cone full of soft ice cream. But the ice cream has gone rotten, so he'll clean it out, sterilize the cone (which is still fine), and fill it up with a hard filling. That's that.

I asked him if it would hurt, and he said some people have never had a root canal that hurt them, others are really bothered by the pain. Since my tooth doesn't hurt now, I told him I'd prefer to go with the plan where he drilled it so it wouldn't hurt later, either. He liked that plan, but wouldn't sign a contract guaranteeing it.

He gave me a prescription for antibiotics (oops, come to think of it, I should have taken a pill a few hours ago, I guess I'll get on that). He'll take out the nerve in about 2.5 weeks and put a temporary filling in, and if it doesn't hurt for two weeks after that, he'll put a permanent filling in. Hopefully it won't be so bad. I thought if you had a root canal, you automatically lost the tooth. But I guess not, and I won't even need a crown or cap or anything. The dentist said the technology nowadays is pretty good, so root canals are less invasive than they used to be. Nevertheless, I'm not exactly looking forward to it.