Sauering the Kraut

T harvested some leafy cabbage for me the other day. Although I never requested leafy cabbage (I did request regular head cabbage, which he seemingly didn't plant), T was under the impression I wanted it. I had no idea what to do with leafy cabbage. I know you can use it for food wrapped in cabbage leaves, but T won't eat that so there is no point in me making anything like that. And it's not like I'm such a fan I'd bother making that for myself, either. I do like cole slaw, but wanted regular cabbage for that.

So I had all this cabbage in the fridge and nothing to do with it, so I decided to make sauerkraut. I have never made sauerkraut before, and had no idea how its done. Enter the internet.

I had no idea how good fermented vegetables are for you! They apparently have anti-viral properties as well as pro-digestive qualities. But only if you eat them fresh, not all pasteurized and processed like the stuff you buy in the store.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that you don't need much in order to make sauerkraut. At the most basic level, you need cabbage, salt, water, and a crock. I'm using a tupperware container as the crock, am weighing down the chopped cabbage with a dessert plate, and added a few pinches of celery seed in with the salt for added flavor. I'll check it on Monday, and see if it's ready to eat then.