Counting the Minutes Until My Haircut

What has happened to my life that I have been looking forward to getting my hair cut for several days now. Really, really looking forward to it.

I miss the easy availability of spas that I had in NYC. It was so easy to be well-groomed there!!! Here it is difficult. T asked me yesterday if there was anywhere I could get my nails done in Crozet. Theoretically, there is.

But the services in this part of the state are so bad, it chafes me to have to pay so much for such lousy work. And it seems like the girls here don't realize how bad they are. I'm not going to tell them, I just don't get my nails done here. One of my friends did tip me off to a salon she's had good luck with, I ought to at least give them a chance.

At least I'm happy with my hairdresser down here. Is she as good as Miguel? No way. But then, no one is, not even in NYC. I mean, I'm sure someone is, but I'd have to try a lot of different guys to find him. I tried four up there before finding a girl down here. Roy, the owner of the salon where Miguel worked, was just as good, if not better than Miguel, but verrrry expensive. And I didn't find him that personable anyway.

Meh. Sidetracked. Anyway, five hours to go, before I get my two-months-past-due haircut. I should feel much better after that.