William Walks FAR

After W's first steps a little more than two weeks ago, he hasn't really done much walking on his own. If there are only one or two steps between points A and B, he'll take them, but if it's three steps or more, he would generally drop down and crawl the distance.

But today, he floored me.

I had been walking with him a lot this morning, but he was holding either one or both of my hands. We were walking over the gravel at the farmers' market, so I didn't want him falling and getting scraped on the rocks. He didn't seem interested in walking by himself, anyway.

After visiting the market, I took W to the park at Old Trail. Once again, he held my hands while walking over there from the car, but he got tired walking so I let him crawl once we got to some grass. I figured our walking was done for the day, his little legs must be tired. I pushed him on the swings, etc. and he was having a good time.

While I had him on a motorcycle bouncer, he saw some stairs on the play structure and wanted to go climb them. So I lifted him off the motorcycle and placed him down on the other side from where I was standing. But before I could take the two steps around the thing to take his hand and walk him over to the stairs, W had already started walking over there!

I watched him walk two, three, four steps over the uneven mulch. I didn't follow him, I was just stuck in place, slackjawed staring at this toddler. Five, six, seven steps, he didn't go in exactly a straight line, but when a foot would slip on the mulch he didn't fall, he just adjusted his balance and kept on going. I lost track of the number of steps once he got past ten, I couldn't believe it! W didn't even look like a baby trying to walk, he looked like a toddler, just headed straight toward the stairs.

W didn't even look like himself. He looked much taller than I remembered. It must be a perspective thing, I don't suppose I've seen him in isolation from such a distance before. Meaning, every time I've been over 12' out of his reach in the past and he's been standing, he's been holding on to something, so there is a sense of scale. Usually that something is much bigger than he is, so he looks small. But today the boy crossed a wide-open patch of playground on his feet. Can you tell I'm still in shock, twelve hours later?

I've really got to get my act together and try to get a video of him walking. He doesn't do this sort of thing often, and it's not like he gives us any clue when he's going to do something new and amazing. It just happens. But since I went to Mass this evening, I've got all day tomorrow free. So I'll try to get some good video. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll get him outside, that will probably be easier than catching him walking in the house. There are a lot of things for him to grab onto in here, and I suspect he's apt to just cruise since that's easier. But who knows? Maybe he'll just decide to walk around all day. Maybe he'll walk backwards. It's hard to know what to expect; as a first-time parent, I am very surprised sometimes.