Root Canal Not Too Bad So Far

I was pretty bummed out about my tooth earlier today, but it feels fine now.

I had my first root canal this morning, and it did feel weird. Although I was numbed up, I could still feel the nerves getting pulled up out of my tooth. Weird. The thought that was going through my head at the time was, "I wonder if this procedure will be regarded as barbaric in 20 years. . ."

The affected side of my face was numb for most of the day, it was only after dinner (my appointment was around 11am this morning) that the numbness completely went away. So most of the day I was out-of-sorts because my face was numb and I had to take care not to bite my own cheek when I talked, and I couldn't really eat so I just had a smoothie for lunch. I guess I could have eaten, but food probably would have fallen out of my mouth in the process, making me look really gross. At least all that numbness wasn't visible to the public as long as I didn't talk or otherwise open my mouth.

Tonight I spent well over an hour trying to get W to sleep. He fell asleep after 45 minutes, then slept for 30 minutes, then it took 30 minutes to get him back to sleep, then he woke up again 15 minutes later. . . but it was sometime around 9pm when I got him to sleep and he stayed asleep. Last night wasn't such a struggle, but both T and I were tired all day today anyway, we're both puzzled as to why that was.

I didn't feel motivated to do much after all that, so I watched some Tivo. It's growing on me. I finally got around to watching the Rachel Ray show for the first time. Most of the show is useless to me, but I figured out how to skip 15 minutes at a click, so before you know it, I'm at the last segment where she cooks something. That was pretty good; both dishes I saw looked really tasty, and seem easy to make. I wrote down notes on index cards so I could cook them for dinner in the near future. T has a bumper crop of arugula, and lo and behold, her show featured a dish that used arugula. So I'll totally try it. Since I can only take a certain amount of arugula in my salad before I start to resent it, and wish for plainer lettuce.

Wow, I'm really tired tonight. Hopefully I'll wake up refreshed tomorrow. I've been tired ever since W kept me up for all but 4 hours on Friday night. I don't think I have any specific plans for tomorrow, so maybe I'll get a chance to work on some projects around the house, or out in the garden if it's nice (although I think it's supposed to rain).