I Crocheted A Dishcloth

T's been bugging me to get some new dishcloths (admittedly, the current ones are so well-worn they are pathetic), so I've decided to make some.

After all this knitting I've been doing for the past year, I've recently had a hankering to crochet something. I was going through receipts in my purse the other day, and came across a coupon from Michael's Craft Store for 40% any one item. So I impulsively stopped in there on Friday, and got a set of crochet hooks, and a little book with patterns for dishcloths.

I started this one last night using some synthetic yarn leftover from the first set of baby booties I knit last year. It was smaller than the pattern said it would be (since I didn't check the gauge and was going to use this particular yarn regardless of what the pattern called for), but it actually worked out fine for me since it's the size I personally prefer my dishcloths to be.

It probably took a couple hours start-to-finish, and if I made more using this pattern it would go faster now that I know the pattern and don't have to keep referring to the instructions for each row. But I will put this one in use before I make more. I want to see how this yarn holds up under actual use, since this is not merely a decorative item, it must actually get my dishes clean when I use it. It seems to have enough texture to do a good job.