I Ordered An E-Cigarette

I first heard about e-cigarettes from my hairdresser. They have been around for a few years, I guess, but I haven't seen them before. Of course, if I were going to see them, they'd probably be mostly likely used in a non-smoking bar, and I just haven't been hanging out in bars like I used to. . .

This info about e-cigs came at nearly the exact same time I've been pining a bit for smoking. I don't really have an urge to smoke anymore, except in a sort of nostalgic way. But these e-cigs seem like they could be great.

You don't really smoke e-cigarettes, nothing burns. They are personal vaporizors. There is a heating element and atomizer, which heats up water laced with nicotine & flavors (or just flavors, for that matter), and you inhale this enhanced water vapor. It looks like smoke when you exhale, but it disappears into the air instead of hovering over your head in a smoky cloud. And with these vaporizors, your hands/hair/clothes/environment don't smell like cigarette smoke. And you can use them in no-smoking areas, like restaurants and airports.

So I'm going to try it out. The original cartridges that come with the starter kit have varying levels of nicotine. I anticipate the lightest amount will be fine. I'll have to see how long nicotine stays in the system since I'm still nursing. One of the best things about this is that nicotine doesn't cause cancer, it's all the other stuff in the smoke that's bad for you. So puffing water vapor, with or without nicotine doesn't have adverse health effects. The nicotine is still addictive, so all the sites say it's not for non-smokers. But I was never addicted to nicotine, and I don't anticipate I'll be vaping (what using e-cigarettes is called, as opposed to smoking) particularly often. Just when it would be nice to have a simalcrum of a cigarette. Once in the morning, before or after my coffee, Once in the afternoon for a little pick-me-up, and then once or twice with a drink in the evening. And probably not every day. Unless I try the nicotine-free version and like it; then there is really no reason not to vape anytime I feel like it, just for the novelty factor.

I'm curious to see if it will have the same appetite suppressing characteristic that actual ("analog" is what the vape crowd is calling them) cigarettes did. And if so, I might do a little research to see which has fewer adverse health effects-- vaporized nicotine or Ritalin. Since I've got a bit of Ritalin left over that I haven't been using since I started neurofeedback. But since going totally off all my meds (as of last week) I am hungry a lot, and have started gaining weight. Which is a problem, since I'm overweight to begin with.

While I am sick of taking so many meds just to get through the day mentally, which is why I got off them and am treating my brain with neurofeedback, I am considering taking the meds again for appetite control. But if vaping works, that might have fewer side-effects for me, I don't know.

It'll probably be a week or so before I get my starter kit, so there's time for me to compare my options.