No Alpha Today

J tried a new protocol on me today. For the past several sessions, I do some focus training, then finish with alpha. Today we started with focus training, as usual, but instead of finishing with alpha, we finished with a left frontal lobe beta program. Having beta waves in your left frontal lobe in particular is a mood-brightening technique, so J thought we should try that instead of alpha, to keep all our training in the frontal lobes.

But I don't think it worked very well. The bells didn't ring much, and although J says that's the way this protocol is set up, it still seemed uninspiring to me. I also didn't notice any different feeling during the protocol. When I do the regular frontal-lobe focus training, I usually get lightheaded for the first minute or two (very lightheaded for the first session of the day). But I didn't feel anything different when we tried to activate the left side of my brain.

Plus, I've felt just sluggish and unmotivated since our session. That's unusual, and I think it's due to this new thing. Which is not to say that I want to abandon it, if it just takes some time to work but will be best for me in the long run, I'll stick with it for a while.