Three Easy Steps to Solve the "Problem" of the Third World

I think the political "experts" are all too politically correct to fix the so-called problem of the third world. My husband and I just watched the film "Dogville" and were discussing the various ways to interpret it. He was explaining to me all the ways that war and politics interfere with each other, but I cut him short wth my simple solution.

If a country (let's say the US, for the sake of argument) wants to control bits of the world outside its traditonal borders, I think it shouldn't be disingenuous about it--if you want to force change, don't be all p.c. and pretend that you're "fostering" change or anything ridiculous like that. Grow a pair of you-know-whats and just take an unpopular stand rather than pussyfooting around. If colonialism is so bad, why does it still exist? Anyway, that said, here's the plan:

1) Send an occupying force to take over the rogue country and stop the genocide.
2) Take the place's natural resources as a thank-you gift for saving them from extinguishing themselves, and put the spoils to a better use than gilding a despot's toilet.
3) Train the inhabitants to answer the phones for citibank or something like that to keep them off the streets and out of trouble while at the same time giving them some wages to buy the products made from their natural resources that are now imported to their colony from the US (note that the job outsourcing is offset by the new US jobs created by the increased production capacity with those extra materials).

Seems like a win-win situation to me.