Family Feud Demographic

Wow. I just started playing "Family Feud" on facebook, and it's making me very aware of my demographic. For example, I was helping a friend with a "lightning round" and the question was words associate with Cleopatra. I first tried "asp" but that was already taken, meaning that's what my friend typed in. So I thought, "Oh, maybe most of the population just thinks 'snake'," and typed that in. WRONG! Neither asp nor snake got ANY votes. The number one answer was "Elizabeth Taylor".

A question I just had was, "Name some ways people get to work in a city." I answered subway, taxi, walk, bicycle, and drive (which converted to "car pool"). But I still had not named the number one answer. I was baffled. I thought of all the ways I got to work in NYC. I tried "ferry" but that wasn't on the list. Time was ticking away, so I tried "helicopter" but that wasn't on the list either. I knew that would be a long shot, but there certainly are people who get to work via helicopter in NYC. I ran out of time. Guess what the number one answer was?


Doh! Perhaps if I lived on the upper east side, I would have gotten that. But living downtown I almost *never* took the bus. Cabs were cheaper back when I was in the city (they seem awfully expensive now, they put in surcharges when the gas prices went up a few years back, and never lowered the rates). I guess the only thing that makes me feel at least a little bit proletariat is that it didn't occur to me to type in "limousine", although it is arguable that I am not exempted because I did think commuting by helicopter was reasonable.

The helicopter thing was in my mind since I actually ran the economics of it out in my head once. T and I were invited to a party way out on Montauk during the time we were selling the company. We were both working roughly 10am to 10pm, sometimes longer hours, six or seven days per week. I wanted to go to the party, but it would have involved a 3-hour drive in the best of conditions, but more likely a 6-hour trip on a summer weekend. However, I could take a helicopter out there for $750 each way. I was making a very healthy hourly rate at the time, and I would have worked during the time saved by not driving, so if I netted out the extra hours (I think the helicopter would have got me there in 45 minutes), the price became quite reasonable. When I mentioned to my group of friends that I was considering flying out for the weekend, they all thought I was crazy, except for the lawyer. Who obviously had some inkling of what it's like to have an abundance of billable hours that you can't bill if you're sitting in traffic. He thought it was reasonable, given the amount of work I had to do (although at the time, no one could know exactly what I was working on, it was just "for AFS"). If I didn't have ADD, I probably could have done the work in a limo, but in actuality I'm way to distractable to get accounting done in anything but a quiet room away from other people (I would have failed as an accountant if I hadn't gotten my own office at a young age, it really helped me concentrate).

I will probably continue playing the Family Feud game on facebook until I've seen so many answers I am either disgusted with the answers that the majority of the surveyed population comes up with, or I am disgusted with myself for being so hopelessly out-of-touch and elitist. Except that I wouldn't really be disgusted with myself, I'd just shrug and accept my position and the fact that it renders me at a disadvantage at this game. Whatever. I'd rather travel in helicopters and limos than be good at Family Feud.