William Eats Chocolate-Covered Pineapple (Video)

This little boy has no idea how good he's got it. What other baby gets to eat chocolate-covered pineapple for dessert after breakfast? I waited until he was all done eating his biscuits and gravy before I pulled out the dessert. Terry and I were going to eat it all (since W originally signaled that he was done eating breakfast), but he really wanted to eat the new stuff. And he enjoyed it so much, he insisted on eating several pieces!

At the end, when he started shaking his head violently, that is this thing he does to indicate that he's done eating (he's not answering "no" to us asking if he's done eating, he's really saying "yes"). You'll see after that that he begins to wave his hands, which is a sign we've been working on getting him to use instead of flailing his head about. It's more straightforward, and more reasonable when we're out in public, so hopefully he'll continue to transition to the more subdued sign. . .