Macrame Plant Hangers

I want some macrame plant hangers for potted plants on either side of the door from the TV-room out to the back porch, but I haven't found any to purchase. Not that I've performed an exhaustive search, but I didn't see any at either WalMart, Lowe's, or Home Depot. So I figured I'd just make some myself. I made macrame things as a kid, it's not difficult.

Since I needed to return an item in Waynesboro today, I went into BooksAMillion to see what they had for macrame. Nada. Same thing with Michael's craft store. The lady there said they had absolutely nothing for macrame, it's a dying art. Great.

Fortunately, we now have the internet so we needn't limit ourselves to what the local retailers see fit to provide. Even better, I found a bunch of sites with free patterns, so I won't even have to buy a book. After looking over the patterns online, I don't even need to use a pattern, really. I just needed a refresher in how to tie the basic knots and how many cords I need to use. Armed with that info, I'll probably just buy some rings, beads, and cord and wing it.