Sandbox Odyssey

We finally got William's new sandbox set up for him! It was a birthday gift from my parents, so we've had it here since mid-April.

The first location I wanted to set it up (near the swale behind the house) wasn't going to work out since it would impact the way T used the tractor in the back yard and more grading than I had anticipated would have been necessary.

So I chose a second location for it (near the maple tree in the front field), and even set up flags and moved a lawn chair down there in the shade so T would know exactly where to set it up. But in the three weeks that elapsed between me identifying the site and T actually going down there to clean it up, it became infested with poison ivy. There was one tiny plant when I went down there with my flags, it really should have been no big deal to dig it up and dispose of it. At least now T knows what happens when he procrastinates. He still has to clean up that area for me, since I have more plans for it than just the sandbox, but it will take him all summer.

I chose the current location in desperation. I knew W would like to play in the sandbox, and I was tired waiting around for T to set it up. The front of the house was the only place that was shaded in the mornings, so the front of the house is where the sandbox must go. It helped that there was no poison ivy, and the land was relatively flat. The slight grading necessary was easily accomplished with the box blade on the tractor. I don't mind having the play area here since 1) in my mind this is no longer the front of the house*, and 2) although the sand is heavy, it really wouldn't be a super big-deal to move the sandbox somewhere else in the future if a better spot becomes available.

Here's a link to the slideshow of the sandbox.

*I've already mentally re-oriented our home. Right now, as you approach the house from the driveway, you first see the side of the house. It is architecturally uninspiring. And when you look at the current front of the house, the door is on the far left, which irritates me on an aesthetic level. SO, the long-term plan is to add onto the side of the house that should be the front of the house since it is the first thing you see when guests approach or we come home. I'll get my 2nd-story sleeping porch off the master bedroom, and a larger covered front porch below, most likely with wide stairs to the yard. The current narrow front porch will become a side porch. So the sandbox will be off the side porch, leaving the front porch for the adults. But this home improvement is not imminent, it is a lower priority than either getting the hammock camp pond (since my permit runs out next year) or building a deck off the screened porch out back (since I want a convenient place to put the grill).