I'm Going To NYC!

It's official, I'm going to NYC. I leave Thursday morning and will have a pit-stop in Baltimore, staying with Cate. I was up at her place when she lived in DC many times, but this will be my first visit to her Baltimore apartment, and I think she's been there four years now. I'm bringing William with me, but Terry is staying at home.

I am curious to find out how William will do with a road trip. I have friends who have done it with their kids, and it usually goes ok. I am also curious to see how I'll do having William all to myself, without Terry's help. I think it will all be fine, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be making a trip for no reason. I just feel like getting off the farm, you know? And an opportunity for a few nights in a friend's vacant apartment came up, and I'm going for it.

I think it's funny, I hated living in NYC in the summer, but now I'm looking forward to a trip up there. But it's just another example of how NYC is a fabulous place to visit, but a difficult place to live. It's not that I hated every day in NYC in the summer, I just hated 90 days of summer in the city IN A ROW. There were plenty of individual days that were fun. So those are the days we'll have this trip! I've already made a list of fun free events I can take William.

The Swedish Festival is on Friday. I went to this festival back in 2001, the first year I lived in Manhattan, and remember it being fun. Better yet, it's downtown, and we're staying downtown, so we can walk. There are lots of things going on over on Governor's Island, which wasn't open to the public when I lived here. Prince Harry is playing in a charity polo match on Sunday, and it's free for general admission. There are all the usual things for kids in Central Park, and there are also lots of parks in Battery Park City (again, within walking distance) with water features I can take William to play in if it's really hot out.

I'm pretty excited for this trip. Hopefully I'll get to see most of my NYC friends, too, although I am giving them very short notice. I'll only see N in passing, since it's her apartment I'm staying in; she's taking her family abroad for vacation, and she'll be leaving as I'm arriving.

Today I've been working on getting all the laundry done. It's a relatively long trip, and William and I will need basically all the clothes that fit us. Tomorrow I host playgroup, and have neurofeedback in the afternoon, but will also have to pack the car. I can't rely on my ability to load up the car AND leave the house by 9am on Thursday. Really, there's no time pressure to leave early on Thursday (although Friday there are timing issues since I need to get the key), but I would rather miss as much DC and Baltimore traffic as possible, and I think a 9am departure would be prudent.