Two Days To New York

We're in NYC now! William and I started our journey at 10am Thursday. First we drove to Cate's home in Baltimore. The drive up there was fine (a 45-minute lunch break at Wegman's in Gainsville helped break up the drive), and W also seemed in good spirits once we arrived in B'more. We took a walk, spent some time in a really nice playground, and went to a local pub for dinner. W even seemed to like the Irish jig music in the pub, he was bopping along in his high chair.

The trouble started after he had already been asleep for an hour. W woke up screaming his little head off. I surmise it was because he woke up on a pillow on a floor of a darkened room after being awakened by some abrupt street noise. Whatever woke him up, he was never quite settled after that. I carried him around, I lay down with him, I put him in the sling, no matter. He'd settle down, but before long something else would set him off and he'd get to shrieking again. Around 10:30pm I told Cate I needed to settle him down for good if we didn't want him screaming all night, so we gave up our conversation and I took W to bed. He slept better after that-- he awoke once or twice more during the night, but I was able to quickly soothe him back to sleep, so it wasn't too disruptive.

We left for NYC this morning around 9:15am, but didn't arrive until 3pm. Part of the delay was due to a stop at Costco in Delaware, and the rest of the delay was due to W being overtired since he was napping when we had to stop and so we woke him up and he didn't fall back asleep afterwards like we hoped he would. So we pulled off the turnpike at exit 3 to figure out what was wrong with him (he had gas), and then we had to stop at the rest stop around exit 8, too. We walked him around outside, thinking maybe he just hadn't had enough physical activity today, being strapped in his car seat and even when we were at Costco he was in the cart. He fell asleep after that second stop, for a much-needed nap, and the rest of the drive was uneventful.

I missed the road I wanted to take to avoid Canal St., so I wound up on Canal and it took 30 minutes to get to N's apartment once we entered Manhattan (instead of 5 minutes). We arrived literally as she was walking out the door, but it was fine. Her husband, T, told me of a special street where free parking was plentiful.

I had pulled into a not-totally-nearby garage at first, since I wanted to be on time to get the keys and not make our hosts late for leaving, but after dropping off a few things, I left C and W to fend for themselves while I went to move the car.

It took me a few tries to find the "secret" parking street, but once I did it was still to no avail. There were no vacant spaces. I drove around the nearby blocks a bunch of times waiting for a space to open up somewhere, but none ever did. After close to an hour of fruitless searching, I switched my tactics and began to search for a garage near the apartment. Not as easy as I thought it would be, since there are no garages on any side of the immediate block the apartment is on, and on adjacent streets many are closed for construction and there are one-way detours etc. that make it difficult to navigate the area. Nevertheless, I finally found a garage just a block and a half away, and got 24-hour parking.

I had to walk the rest of the luggage home by myself, since C had taken W out for a walk since he just yelled when she tried to play with him inside. Then I had to locate C & W. Although they had made their way to the Swedish Midsummer's Festival, there were SO MANY kids there that I had a hard time finding them. When I eventually caught up with them, W was soaked. He found some fountains and C let him out of the stroller to frolic in them. The poor boy seemed a little cold, but it was still pretty hot out, and he was certainly in a better mood than I was after searching for parking for so long.

On the way home we got some groceries, and I fed W some applesauce, bread, and eggs when we got to the apartment. C went out and got dinner for the adults. I tried to put W to bed around 8pm, but quickly gave up and so he watched us eat our own dinner. By 9pm W was so tired he fell asleep quickly. He's woken up twice since then, but both times went back to sleep quickly, and with minimal encouragement. I'll probably leave him in the crib when I go to sleep rather than move him into the big bed with me. I need to stay up late enough to take a loaf of bread out of the oven. I wanted fresh bread available in the morning, not just for lunch, so I worked on it tonight. I filled a gallon ziploc back with the dry ingredients before I left on Thursday. All I had to do today was add 4 cups of warm water, now we'll have fresh bread for the next several days.