Late Night For Baby

William had a really long day, and was barely fussy at any time. We started out with an early trip to Governor's Island. I had read that you needed to be on the 10am ferry to take the tram tour, but I let W sleep in until 8:30am, and we weren't ready to leave until 9:40am, but we hoped for the best. I had to push the stroller really fast to make it to the pier by 10, and almost missed it anyway, but the guy at the gate took pity on me and let me in. The park officials on the island were misinforming people about where the tram tour started, so we had some excessive walking once on the island, but evenutally did make the tour.

The tour lasted over an hour, but W didn't make a peep the whole time. He sat in my lap and looked around. It helped that we would periodically stop, so he could get out and walk around a bit. After we hit the hour mark, people on the tram would stop and remark at what an exceptionally good baby he was, being so quiet. He naturally had a very serious expression on his face the entire time, and people would come over and ask him if he was having a good time. He would just stare at them, unsmiling, per usual, and I would respond that if he wasn't whining, I interpreted that as happy. Forget about actually getting smiles out of this kid, it's just not in his nature.

William made his first painting today! There were art tents set up at one part of the island, and when W actually took a marker that I gave him and made marks on a communal canvas (he has not previously grasped the concept of making marks with crayons, pencil, or marker), I decided to give painting a try. Lo and behold, he not only put the brush I loaded with paint to the paper, but he also sytematically dipped it in water, then paint, then back on the paper. I wasn't expecting that, but a woman next to me with an older boy said that by the time her son was 18 months old, he was already painting up a storm, so it was good to start them as young as possible. I guess I'll let him paint some when we get back to VA.

C missed the ferry we were supposed to meet her at (is anyone surprised?), so we had some extra time on the island. I thought I'd be able to get W to nap in the shade under a tree, but that wasn't happening for us. He stayed up until 2:15pm, when he fell asleep in his stroller (his usual nap time begins anytime between 11 and noon). He only slept about 45 minutes, because I couldn't get him back to sleep when we arrived at the apartment around 3pm. Although I did get him to settle down, and he played quietly while relaxing on the sofa with me, so I just went with it.

We were on the move again around 5:15pm. This time we went to the garage to move the car, where he was scared by the very loud noise of a motorcycle that drove up next to him while he was in the stroller. We wound up getting great parking in the Village (I get 2 nights free parking!), so I took him to Washington Square Park while we waited until it was time to go to Randi's for dinner. There was an excellent playground for babies there, and once he got used to the place, he enjoyed himself.

He also had a pretty good time at dinner. He didn't play with the older (4yo) kids much, he was mostly in his own world, getting cuddled by the adults. He ate a lot, even though I fed him lunch, then an initial dinner before we left around 4:30pm. And he even went to sleep at Randi's! I put him in her stroller (it reclined) in her bedroom where it was dark and quiet, and he only woke up screaming one time, and was relatively quickly settled after that. We just kept him in that stroller when it was time to leave (I left his stroller at her house, we'll swap back when I go up there to move the car Monday morning).

We took the subway home since it was practically a door-to-door trip, and he slept part of the way home. But he was awake on the train, and wasn't the only baby riding the subway at 11pm. It took a little longer to settle him down once we got to the apartment, but nothing extreme. He's been sleeping in the crib just fine, so I've been getting good sleep as well.

I just checked, and Mass isn't until 10am tomorrow. Hooray! We'll sleep in. Then we'll go back to Governor's Island for the polo game. It really is a charming place, they've done a lot with it over the past few years. If he's still awake in the evening, maybe we'll go over to the west side to watch the fireworks after the gay parade. We saw some tonight from R's balcony, but W was already asleep and missed them. Tomorrow night's may be bigger-- I make this guess because tomorrow's parade will be bigger than tonight's.