Uncharacteristic Trip

I think I've experienced a new first-- I've come back from a trip to NYC without a fresh mani/pedi. Neither did I get my brows waxed. Although I was close to getting my nails done-- on Monday, W went to bed at 5:30pm, but just after I ate dinner then asked C if she'd watch him while he slept so I could go to the salon, W woke up. And it took me an entire hour to get him back to sleep, at which point it was too late to go out, and I was too exhausted at that point, anyway. It was Monday night that I started to notice I was coming down with a cold.

Another thing was unusual about this trip (for me, at least): I did no shopping. Not even shopping for kids' clothes or toys or anything. Other than a single trip to the grocery store on our first night, I don't think I even set foot in a store. Very unusual for a NYC trip.

Instead of going to salons or shopping, I spent a lot of the day at playgrounds. This was enjoyable, since NYC has a lot of really nice playgrounds. They make the ones around here seem extraordinarily lame. At least W is not old enough to remember this; he'll be content with the ones around here, even if I'm thinking to myself how dull they are, but since it's his opinion that matters, that's ok.