The Ice Cream Man!

Today I've been enjoying the beautiful weather from inside the apartment, with a warm breeze blowing in through the open windows. And now, at 4 pm, I heard the first calliope tones from the Ice Cream Man's truck. Dittle-dee-de-de de-bum de-bum, dee la-di-da dee laa daa.

Earlier this week I got an ad from Loehmann's informing me that all the spring fashions from Italy had arrived, full of photos of silks and chiffons and peu de soie shoes, but it didn't really make me think of spring; it felt quite off-season to me. But somehow the arrival of the Ice Cream Man on the scene has at once changed my mindset from that of cozy winter days all bundled in fur from head-to-toe to visions of strolling outside with the sun on my face, licking an ice cream cone in weather warm enough to make the cold treat refreshing but not so warm that the ice cream melts all over me before I can finish it. For me, spring begins today. Any cold weather to follow belies this changing of the seasons; no matter the actual temperature outside, winter is gone for me.

Dittle-dee-de-de de-bum de-bum, dee la-di-da dee laa daa.