So That's Why He Mentioned It

After an evening out to dinner with Steve a few weeks back, Terry asks me, "So, how do you like the name Crunchycon Farm?" I asked him what he was talking about. He said for the name of our farm (we've been trying to come up with a name for some time now). I told him I hated it, it was a really stupid name for a farm. And thought that would be the end of it. He hadn't mentioned it again.

Until tonight.

When he told me he posted on facebook a link to the radio broadcast of the dinner party on npr. And how it was curious that they didn't promo the host much, or even mention his new book. But they did give a shout-out to Crunchycon Farm. I had completely forgotten about our previous conversation (more like our previous two sentences exchanged), and asked, "What's Crunchycon Farm?" When Terry replied, "Oh, that's our farm. They say, "Terry Thorsen, of Crunchycon Farm"."

Oh. Now I see why he brought it up the first time. He went ahead and chose an idiotic name for our farm because he didn't have the presence of mind to tell the reporter that actually, his farm isn't named. He felt he had to "perform" for the radio, and make something up. He gets like that at parties, sometimes, too. Very annoying to me, but after ten years of marriage, I've learned to let it go. Fortunately, just because he blurted something out in front of a reporter doesn't make it true. Perhaps our farm will have a name someday, but as of right now, it doesn't. All anyone would associate the farm with anyway after that radio show, is kudzu, so it's a good thing we weren't named. Sure the host says the mustard greens or something like that was provided by Terry, but no one is going to remember that, they're just going to remember that Steve cooked kudzu, and Terry brought ingredients.

And no one mentioned Jackson's book. Well, no one would remember that about the interview, unless they knew in advance the whole reason for the kudzu dinner party was to promote the book. Which is probably something like six people. What was the reporter thinking???

It must have been Steve. I

It must have been Steve. I was surprised to hear it in the radio. In fact I had a conversation with the reporter and with Jackson's sister where I mentioned that I thought I might name the farm crunchycon and wanted to get her professional opinion. Neither of them liked it and I stated there and then that "my wife was right". So either the name stuck in her head or Steve fed her that information (he happens to like the name).

This is just how it is with the press. In my limited experience the reporters have never gotten the stories accurately. Not that it actually matters of course. If I were a political bigshot then it might make a difference.

The best way to move on is to come up with another name.

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