Back Home

I was right when I figured I had a sinus infection. Last Friday night the pain was intolerable, so I took a fistful of painkillers and antibiotics, and felt slightly better in the morning. Still, not well enough to be up and about. What was worst was that T came down with a cold, so neither one of us was feeling capable of chasing that baby around all day.

So we went to my mother's. She took care of us all. On Monday, Terry had to go back to Crozet to save the crops from the drought, even though he was still sick. W and I stayed on in Richmond. I went to the doctor there on Monday, and got some additional meds to take. Finally today I felt well enough to go home. I even cooked dinner for us (although I did have to sleep for an hour after driving home from Richmond in the afternoon and grocery shopping, before I had the energy to cook).

W has developed a wicked case of the separation anxiety, and it's for either T or me. So if we're both in the room, and one person leaves, W screams. It's a nuisance. Nevertheless, I got him to sleep at a reasonable time (7:45pm), and in his own bed. He's feeling better than either T or I do at this point, although I still suction his nose about once per day (usually in the morning). My head is slowly clearing up, so hopefully I'll be feeling fine by Friday. I'm going to try to take it easy tomorrow.

We've missed playgroup for several weeks now, and I think it would be nice for W to see his baby friends again. Maybe I'll see if anyone is going to Friday's After Five. It probably depends a lot on the weather-- it's been abominably hot lately, although I see that thunderstorms are in the forecast. However, T reports that the last big storm that rolled through the area (while I was in NYC), gave us just a few sprinkles of water. Completely missed our farm.

T is outside now, watering the plants. I think his current method is to put the rain barrels in the back of the pickup, then fill them up with water from our house faucet, then drive out to water all the plants. It might have been long enough without rain here that he has to water the trees in the orchard, too. They were just planted last year, and while more established than the landscape trees we planted this spring, they're still not very big and robust. We're hoping most of our new landscape plants (two dogwoods, a redbud, three azaleas, two rhododendron, and two gardenia) we planted on the driveway hill will make it, but one dogwood is looking iffy.

While convalescing, I finished another book about the brain that finally scared me into action. I started back on the Dr. Phil diet in earnest while at my mother's house. I'll just have to put my foot down and push it on T and W. I don't care about portion controls for either of them (unlike for myself, where it's crucial), but as far as snacks are concerned I told T that I'm not going to have the house stocked with extraneous stuff, he's going to have to shop for his own snacks or just eat leftovers if he's hungry. There are actually quite a few snack-y things in the pantry that I'm not going to eat, so I'll encourage him to finish those off.

I checked the most recent brain book from the library, but I think I'm going to go ahead and order my own copy. I'll re-read it and take notes in the margin, etc., and then I'll write a review. Chapter after chapter describes exactly the benefits a healthy diet and exercise have on various functions of the brain, and how brain function translates into the condition of your body. And it also describes what is going on when you have unhealthy habits. It's alarming.

I don't remember too many specific examples right now, but it's everything from skin elasticity to mood to disease resistance to memory and cognitive function. And since I have trouble with a lot of these things (perhaps "trouble" is too strong a word, it's more like I feel all these things are not optimal in my body and mind), I am motivated since the solution to fix them (or enhance them) is relatively straightforward. Diet and exercise. The motivating factor is being reminded in painstaking detail EVERYTHING that is affected by diet and exercise, it's not just about dress size anymore (which wasn't particularly motivating for me).

One thing I think I may finally try is intense bursts of exercise. For some of my specific ADD problems, intense bursts of exercise are prescribed. I'll see if I can't convince T to go for early morning walks with W and I (before the temperature gets into the 90s), then when we get to the flat part of our walk, perhaps T can take the stroller and I'll do a few sprints. I figure I'll run full-out for 30 seconds, then turn around and sprint back to the boys, for about a minute of intense exercise. Maybe I'll start with just one burst on the walk, and add an additional burst every day or every other day, depending on how my body reacts. Regardless, I'll wait until I feel fully recovered from the sinus infection. I totally don't want a relapse. I've been pretty darn miserable this past week, and am looking forward to feeling better.