Sephora was giving out free 10-day samples of the minerals foundation and powder, so I gave it a try.

So far, I like it. I chose the color "Fairly Light" based on some online reviews that recommended you go with a slightly lighter color than you'd think, since after a few minutes the minerals oxidize on your skin to a darker color. I'm not sure that the color changed on me, but it looks fine.

Today was the first day I've used it, so this review is basically my first impression. I'll update it later if my opinion changes. I've never used a powder foundation before (I've used liquid foundation, and solid foundation), but it's effective.

I applied it over bare skin, using the miniature brush that came with my sample kit. It did a great job of evening out my skin tone, with a really natural-looking finish, neither matte nor shiny. It didn't cover up my large pores, but relatively few foundations do that well for me, so that's not a huge issue. Tomorrow I will use my foundation primer first, then the powder foundation. If my pores still look large even after using primer, then this foundation might not work for me.

One of the things I'm liking about it, is that I don't feel like I'm wearing foundation. The powder is very lightweight, and my skin doesn't feel like it's coated with anything. This is not usually a problem with good liquid foundations for most of the year, but I find that in the summer, sometimes I feel like the makeup is sliding off my face in the heat. Not so with the bareMinerals, although I suspect in reality it is more likely to actually slide off, not less. I base this on a single observation that some color came off on the tissue when I blew my nose this afternoon, and that usually doesn't happen when I use my regular liquid foundation.

But it's now five hours after I applied the makeup, and while my face has a bit of shine (I'll dust some of the translucent setting powder on before I leave the house again), the main color is still in place, keeping my skin tone even.

Today I applied the mineral

Today I applied the mineral foundation over my regular makeup primer, and it filled in my pores reasonably well. I rubbed a lot of the powder in the trouble-spots, working it into my skin with the brush. The finish isn't as smooth as when I use my liquid foundation, but it looks more natural. I'll reserve judgment until I use up the sample size. Now that I've used the mineral stuff two days in a row and like it, I'll alternate days with my liquid foundation, to determine which I like better, or if there are certain circumstances (particularly hot days) when one performs better than the other.

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