More Percussion!

We're slowly increasing the number of percussion instruments we have in the house. Mostly because percussion instruments seem to be the easiest for W to play (since they can be played with gross motor skills rather than fine motor skills), but also since T is a drummer, he'd pick up these things eventually anyway.

Today I ordered a set of bongos. T and I both like playing the congas, but they're so big they have to stay in the studio. It will be fun to have some drums we can take to different rooms. I also ordered a songbook with kids' songs. Only a small handful of songs occur to me when it's time to sing to W, so it will be nice to have a book to jog my memory. It's got both the piano score and guitar chords, so I can use either if I feel like it. T brought my acoustic guitar out of storage (at my request) so it will be easier for me to play from time-to-time. I've just missed playing lately. I guess there was a time I used to play quite a lot.