Starting to Normalize

I'm finally feeling well enough to do a little around the house. Although watching W all morning wore me out, and I took a two hour nap with him from 10-noon, afterwards I was able to cook a somewhat complicated casserole for lunch and do some major cleaning up in the dining room and kitchen. I did take frequent breaks to lie down and rest, but I got done what I needed to do without exhausting myself, so that worked out.

I'm looking forward to going out tonight. Our young adult babysitter, J, should be here in less than 10 minutes. The house looks reasonably neat, and I've got leftovers from lunch for her and W to eat. Whoops, I meant to have fresh bread baked, but forgot to form the loaf at 4:30pm. Too late now!

T and I are going to some sort of reception at the new bookstore in town. Crozet is so small, I can't believe someone thinks a bookstore will do well here. But perhaps they know something I don't know. Perhaps this bookstore will be so charming and uniquely tailored to the needs of Crozet's 2,000 citizens that they will thrive. I'll reserve judgment until I go check it out. Then we'll have dinner a few doors down at Three Notch'd Grill. We used to go there all the time (at least weekly), but have only been there a handful of times since W was born.