I just got home from the 3D version of "Despicable Me". I enjoyed the film, and recommend it to anyone. I didn't know much about it before I saw it-- the film got good reviews overall, Steve Carell did a good job with the main character, and the minions are cute.

It's animated, and in some theaters it's in 3D. I enjoyed it in 3D, and when I got home our babysitter asked if it was worth the $3.50 surcharge to see it in 3D. I figured it was, although it occurs to me now (hours later) that I might be less willing to spend the $3.50 if we weren't in such a secure financial situation. It would still be a really good film in 2D, if that's an issue for you. The charm of the film was not in the 3D special effects, it was the story and characters.

It's about a villain who is getting a little over the hill, and being challenged by a young upstart villain. So the older guy figures out a way to steal the moon as a way to get back on top. He winds up adopting three orphan girls to use to get a shrink ray, but they become a distraction to his mission. I won't give away more, but you get the gist; the film is not about unexpected plot twists, and they all live happily ever after.

Terry always laughed when he saw the upstart villain, Vector, because of his physical appearance. He was a pretty nerdy villain. I liked the main villain, Dr. Gru, largely because of his silly accent and word choices. He used some modern slang, but then had some idiosyncratic phrasing, like a non-native speaker. It was a fresh take on the usual tone of animated villains.

I'm glad I went out to see the show in the theater-- not that it won't be good on DVD, but it was so enjoyable I'm glad I didn't have to wait months to see it.