Farm Fashion

This is a photo from back when I took W to visit T in his vegetable garden. Although I don't really appear on the video I took that day, I did take a full-length photo when we got back to the house and I saw how ridiculous I looked.

The hat, at least, was very sensible. But since the little sundress was way too short to be prudent to wear while walking through the fields, I supplemented with long socks and tennis shoes. Those kept my legs from getting scratched by thorns or brushing against any wayward poison ivy. And the cloth sling I used to carry W is a beautiful silk, and rather glamorous for a walk through a field, but it was the only sling that fit him at the time (I've since made an even larger sling, out of linen). It looks like I'm holding a stalk of oats in my non-camera hand. I must have been waving it around to amuse W.

Although I try to retain some sense of style out here by wearing cute outfits (I almost never wake up and put on shorts and a T-shirt), some days I just wear whatever random thing I feel like. T is the only one who's around to notice, and mostly he thinks it's cute when I look ridiculous. This photo is an example of one of those days.