I Missed W Turning 15 Months

For some reason, I've been thinking that William will be 15 months old on the 14th of July. Even though I know his birthday is on the 11th. I haven't had this problem with previous months. But it only dawned on me now that my son is already 15 months old, not later this week. And I forgot to measure and weigh him. I'll do it in the morning, it's not a big deal. But I am puzzled why I got the dates mixed up.

Fifteen months old. It won't be long before I suppose I'll have to stop referring to W as a baby. Instead of saying I have a baby at home, I should probably say I have a toddler at home. Eh, maybe not. Kids are babies at least until they're two, right? Well, at least until they're 18 months old. I'll take an informal poll next time I see the baby club ladies, find out how they refer to their 2 year olds.

I could start to transition to "little boy". That's cute. I've got a little boy at home. Plus I can stick with that through age 6 at least, but maybe up to age 12. Then W will go directly from little boy to teenager or young man. I already call him "young man" from time to time, which T thinks is very funny. Since W is still a baby, he's barely even a young boy, let alone a young man.

I think W gives off different vibes depending on the situation. Sometimes he's definitely a baby, other times he's very boyish. But to me, sometimes he is very much like an extremely short man. I think I mostly feel that way when I catch him in a certain pose, perhaps sprawled out on the sofa with a slackjawed expression and his hand down his pants, and belching. At those moments I am not moved to sweep him up in my arms like I do when he's being a sweet baby, but simply shake my head and walk away. His father can deal with him when the baby is acting all manly.