Terry and I are planning to take William out with us one evening for a meal during Charlottesville's "Restaurant Week". It's mostly nicer places participating, but I saw from the website photo that Ventana didn't have tablecloths, which makes it baby-friendly in my estimation (we don't take William anywhere he could yank off a tablecloth). We hadn't been there before (I think it's new, but I don't keep up with this sort of thing as much anymore so I'm not sure just how new), so I'm glad I asked about a highchair when I called for a reservation.

Because THEY DON'T HAVE A HIGHCHAIR! The guy on the phone offered to put us at a banquette so William could sit between my husband and I, but I said that wouldn't be useful since he's too short to sit at the table, so I canceled the reservation.

Now I'm not nearly as interested in trying them out-- I'll not go there unless I hear from friends that it's really good. In the meantime, I'll give my business to more family-friendly establishments.