Berry Soakers

W needed another pair of short soakers, since the longies are too hot in this weather. He was down to only two pair of knit covers that fit him, so I quickly knit up another pair to prevent T from using the woven wrap-around covers so much (I have a more sensitive nose than he does, and they get un-fresh very quickly).

From this angle, the new soakers look fine, but when W stretches out you can see that the rise is overly high. It's not too bad when the pattern is knit up as longies, but it seems out-of-proportion as a short cover.

I've already made some changes to the measurements on the pattern, and am in the process of knitting up another pair with a shorter rise (I'm going to take 2" off). I'm also going to try changing up the ribbing from k2/p2 to k1/p1, and I'll try purling the i-cord drawstring instead of knitting it. And the colors will be the inverse of this soaker-- multi-colored ribbing with a solid body. That will use up the remainder of these skeins evenly, and I like these colors together.