Finally, A Walk

I finally feel healthy again, so I went for a walk this afternoon. I pushed W up to the bend in the road, I think the round-trip was about 1.25 miles. Something like that.

It was sprinkling and I could hear thunder, but since I couldn't see any lightning I figured the storm was on the other side of the mountain. Even though we were hit by scattered raindrops the whole time, it wasn't enough to cool us off. It was very hot and humid until the last five minutes. We were on our own street heading home when we finally felt a somewhat cool breeze.

I guess I walked quite a bit while I was in NYC, but it seems like a very long time since we've taken a walk around here since it's been so hot for so long. I'm not sure we'll have time for a walk tomorrow, we're going to some family wildlife program in the morning, and I'm going to a cloth diaper meeting in the afternoon. If T is feeling better (he was sick all day) tomorrow, we may go out for a restaurant week dinner, but I'm not counting on that. We had planned to go out tonight, but had to cancel.