Miso Soup. Yuck! More, Please!

W was so funny at lunch today. I took him for a walk this morning (his third walk in as many days, I'm getting back into the habit), and since he slept in the stroller I knew he wouldn't go down for a longer nap when I got home. So I decided to take him out for lunch since I wouldn't have his naptime to prepare anything.

So we went to a sushi place in Waynesboro. I know, Waynesboro is hardly the place you think of when you decide to go out for sushi, but I'm trying to break out of my Cracker Barrel rut and try new places.

W was really cute during lunch. For one thing, we had the wooden chopsticks that start out un-separated, and I left his together since he doesn't know how to use them anyway. But he was watching me use mine, and giving it a good try, and actually in his flailing managed to tweeze some food between the two un-separated chopsticks and get it into his mouth.

I was eating some miso soup, and didn't suppose that W would like it. But as usual, he saw me eating something, and gestured and grunted his request to eat the same thing. So I gave him a sip from the spoon. He tasted it, then grimaced. He obviously didn't care for it.

But then he demanded more. So I gave him another sip. Another taste, another grimace. I went back to eating it myself. More, more, W gestures. Another taste, another grimace. He never did acquire the taste for it while we were at lunch. But it's so curious to me that he'll request taste after taste, hoping each time that it will be better than the last. For all his perpetually serious demeanor, we might have an unflappable optimist on our hands.

He also liked the music they were playing at the restaurant. I can tell because when a new song started, he would stop what he was doing, and start bobbing his head and waving his hand around (like a conductor). He does that when he likes a song. Then after half a minute, he'll forget about it and go back to eating.