Big Day Yesterday

W had a big day yesterday! He watched me kill hornworms and fertilize my plants in the garden for an hour in the morning, and was very patient. He was sitting in his stroller the whole time, and only at the very end did he make the hand signal that he was "all done" with sitting there. We then all piled into the car to go out to breakfast.

Tired of driving all the way to Waynesboro for a weekend breakfast, I remembered that there was a little cafe in the industrial section of Crozet that we'd seen but never tried. I called to make sure they were open at 8:30am on a Sunday (they were!), so we ate at Teresa's Cafe. The pancakes tasted like dessert cake, so were a big hit with T and W. I had the eggs & home fries, both of which were good. W was well-behaved throughout the meal.

After a two-hour nap for both W and I, we had lunch at home then got ready for our big afternoon & evening excursion. We had dinner plans w/T's friend S that evening at 6pm, so I figured we could go to the big waterpark before that.

We arrived at the Onesty "Family Aquatic Center" around 3pm, and were able to walk right in (many times there is a lengthy wait to get in since it's at capacity). A friend had tipped me off that there is often no wait on Sunday afternoons. The place was jam-packed with watery fun. I went down the "green monster" water slide, and found that I'd picked up a surprising amount of speed by the end. It was fun. T hates that sort of thing. I didn't try walking over the floating islands (it's a test of balance), but I thought about it. The "lazy river" was an interesting concept, but I thought the route was too small to keep repeating. I thought they would have put it around the entire perimeter of the park, but it was just a small oval in one area. But I could see that kids might enjoy going around and around.

W was too small to enjoy many of the areas, but there were little bubbly fountains in the shallow beach area that he liked. There was also an extensive area that was only 12" deep, which is a good height for him to walk through.

Unfortunately, while T was watching W and I was trying out the lazy river, T took him too close to the major water tower. Every time a bell rings, a giant bucket of water dumps out and drenches everyone within a certain radius, and T had him in there. So for the rest of the time we were there, W was very afraid every time the bell rang, even if he was nowhere near the bucket. Smooth move, dad. Because of this, we wound up leaving after only an hour.

This left quite a bit of unexpected time to kill before dinner, so we went to McIntire Park. Then I put W in the stroller and walked him to the Glass Building downtown while T moved the car. But the restaurant we were going to was in the Ix Building, not the Glass Building. It was only a few blocks away, but I hadn't been there before so we drove. We then gave W a stroller-ride around a few blocks of Belmont before heading in to dinner.

By 6pm, W was hungry and ready to eat, but S had invited another friend to dinner also and she was late. Although we asked the owner to send some bread or something for W right away, he seemed determined to make us wait until the final guest arrived at the table, but luckily a waitress grasped the situation more practically and brought some bread for W. Once he was eating, he wasn't fussy at all and was a very happy baby.

We were there for the prix fixe restaurant week menu, so W just ate from T & my plates. And boy, did he eat! He liked most of the dishes, but after about 30 minutes he was restless (to be fair to the baby, there was an unfortunate amount of lag-time between courses). T ate his 2nd course quickly then took him outside to run around, and came back in for the 3rd course, which it was my turn to wolf down at the same speed that W ate, so I could take my turn with the baby outside. I thought we would be leaving after the third course, but to my dismay when I came back in, wondering what was taking T so long to pay and leave, there was dessert on the table. T felt a duty to S to help him out with his date (only it turns out it was NOT really a date, just a woman friend) by staying longer and not asking for the check. Good grief. It was already 8pm! Fortunately, W liked the lemon ice cream and that kept him quiet (well, not so quiet, he was saying, "yum!" and literally smacking his lips while he ate, much to the amusement of the couple at the next table). But by this time W was pretty tired, so I took him right out to the car while T paid. W was fussy on the ride home and didn't fall asleep, but I could tell that was because he needed to wind down. So we used the car ride as a 30-minute wind down (singing lullabies, etc) and by the time we got home he got a quick bath and went down quickly.

He woke up once overnight (5:30am), but otherwise slept well, which I'm grateful for since sometimes it can be rough if he's off-schedule. So overall, W's big day was a success. Living so far from anything, it's easier for me to stay out for long periods of time if we're at activities, than to go home between activities, so it's good to know that W is getting old enough to handle it.

W was too little to enjoy many of the