Reverse-Engineering A Leaf

I finished knitting W's second pair of short purple soakers yesterday, but they needed some embellishment. I decided to put a grape leaf motif on them. I want to knit a grape leaf with green yarn, then applique that to one leg, then embroider just a little bit of vine around it.

After much searching, I found the perfect knitted leaf. Unfortunately, I can't buy the pattern. The website only sells "kits" which include yarn. The problem is that the kits are $17 and include way more yarn than I need, since I only need one little leaf. I emailed the site to ask if I could just buy the pattern, but they refused.

I think it's pretty ridiculous to pay $17 for a little leaf pattern, so I'm just going to make my own. I'm not that great a knitter, and really have very little idea how to go about it, but c'mon, it ain't rocket science. You can increase and decrease stitches to change the shape of your knitted object, so I just have to figure out when to do which. I'm pretty sure my leaf won't look as perfect as the professional knit designer's leaf, but I don't mind.

If I can't figure out how to knit a grape leaf, I'll probably just embroider the whole thing, leaf and vine both. But I'd like to get moving on this, so I can get W's third short soaker into the rotation. I did make it for a practical reason, he needs another short soaker, so the sooner I finish, the better.